Rise of the Guardians

Session 1
Answering the Call

Session 1


As we begin this adventure we find our trio of hero’s stopping at a small farming village for a long deserved break from the road. Enjoying some of the towns finer Ale, our heroes are altered to what sounds like a commotion outside the tavern. Attempting to leave they are stopped by the Half-giant guard. Demanding they settle their payment or be bludgeoned to death by his “Personal Weapon” the trio thinks better of themselves and attempts to pay. To their surprise, the door of the tavern suddenly bursts open to the shouts of “Orcs are attacking”

The trio attempts to hold up in the Tavern with the owner, but after a few failed attempts to help themselves to the owners belongs they are kindly asked to “Get the Fuck Out”.


 As our heroes enter the streets the notice the attack has become quite serious as bodies lay bleeding in the streets and building begin to burn. Making for what they assume is the only way out they encounter a group of Goblins. However, they are no match for our heroes and are quickly dispatched. Making their way through the town and to the gates, our heroes suddenly realize that the situation is far direr then they had even assumed. With the gates blocked by a horde of Orcs and a Massive looking war chief covered in the skull trophies of his fallen prey. Our heroes decide a breakout charge is thier only option. Engaging with the orcs they become slowed and by the time they kill the first wave they are completely surrounded and knocked unconscious.


Waking up the following morning the Heroes find themselves along with many other towns’ folk locked in prisoner carts, being taken to an unknown destination. As they travel the roads leading to what can only be assumed as the Orc Encampment, they are attacked by a force of skilled fighters in black armor. The Heroes manage to free themselves and make ready to fight for their lives, but the ferocity of the attack is such that the orcs are slaughtered in a matter of mere minutes.


As our heroes stand encircled by these unknown warriors, a rider appears from amongst them, she reveals herself to be an Elvin woman by the name of Amaria Eversoar and Knight General of the Black Hand, An ancient and mysterious organization. She explains that her and her band of warriors had been sent to secure the heroes safe passage to the Black Stone keep to meet with the leader of their organization.


After several days of travel, our adventures are brought deep into the mountains where they find a hidden Citadel known as the Black Stone Keep. They eventually meet with the leader of the Black Hand, a mysterious figure named Elise Cane. He explains that the Seers have foreseen of a cataclysmic event in the near future and that our heroes were to play a vital part in stopping it. He goes on to give them a mission to travel to a city and investigate the disappearance of many of the young adults of the slums. After “equipping” themselves for the adventure our heroes depart.


The ride goes unhindered until our heroes are stopped by a group claiming to be from a nearby town, asking for a bridge toll to help pay for its repair. Deciding they weren’t going to pay our heroes kill the individuals, finding an already deceased body in their cart and a strange tattoo on their hands. The heroes load up the bodies and make their way to the city. However during the night as our Halfling paladin takes watch, a pack of wolves drawn by the scent of the corpses surprises the group and almost kills several of the members, but in a valiant stand out heroes kill the wolves and manage to scare the rest of the pack away.


Arriving at their destination our group meets with the local Black Hand contact Rubin Andersal, at a tavern called the Wailing Fish. The group learns that large numbers of young adults have been mysteriously disappearing from the Slum area of the city. And since then many rumors have been spreading of nefarious cult activity. They also learn that the Highwaymen they killed belonged to a powerful Crime syndicate in the City known as the Talons.


What will our Heroes Do? Will they investigate these mysterious events or will they peruse their own Homo Erotic Agendas? Find out in the next Session of ADVENTURE QUEST!!! 

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