Ayred Renorvelve


Race: Dire Elf
Class: Rogue
Age: 30
Height 6’2
Weight: 160
Hair: Black
Eyes: Charcoal
Skin: Grey


Born as a product of rape from an Orc Commander “using” an elf maiden on his travels between various raids, Ayred was hated and never fit in since birth. His mother was forced to abandon him and left him on the doorstep of a nearby human village’s local healer.
The human raised him about as well as one saves an animal from starving and freezing. Ayred faced fear, hatred and rejection from everyone and learned hatred and distrust of everyone in exchange. He ran away as soon as he was able to fend for himself and took to the streets adopting a life of crime.
After running away from the human village, he ran from town to town haphazardly causing mischief, stealing and bullying who and what I could . He tried stealing from one particular traveler who caught me. This traveler had once been a monk, was ex-communicated after murdering his sensei for being denied rightful successor. The ex-monk turned his focus into rage and vengeance and turned his skills into profit as a hired assassin. He saw young Ayred’s equal hatred and potential and taught him what he knows. He also gave Ayred a pair of extremely rare and exotic weapons and taught him how to use them to annihilate any who dare oppose him.
Starting with petty theft and quickly learning the lucrativeness of more dangerous crimes, Ayred resorted to all manner of crime such as robbery, murder, extortion… anything to fuel and repay the hatred and scorn that people generally have for him.

Ayred Renorvelve

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