Saleena Savaris


Age: 121
Race: Drow
Class: Wizard
Height: 6"
Weight: 135 Lbs
Hair: White
Eye: Red


Saleena Savaris is Agent of the Hand, currently stationed in the city of Veskar Mage Guild. Her primary responsibility is to report on the activities of the Cities powerful magic users. As well she keeps tabs on other organizations of possible interest to the Hand. Although not a member of the High Council of the Vesar Mage Guild, She is very respected amongst her peers for her affinity to magic, a trait not often found amongst female Drow.

Before coming the Hand Saleena was a member of the forsworn Drow. Having previously been a Priestess of Lloth. she turn on her upbringing and family to help the then fledging rebellion. Shortly after the founding of the Forsworn City of Nez’Kerean. she was recruited into The Hand and taught to hone her affinity to magic. Having lost her abilities as Priestess of Lloth she jump at the opportunity. Although she is one of the few Drow found living almost exclusively on the surface, she continues to forge relationships with her Elvin Kin, stressing the importance of cooperation amongst races to bring about the final destiny of the Elf people.

Saleena Savaris

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