Kortal T'kar


Age: 38
Race: Dragon Born
Class: Fighter
Height: 7’
Weight: 300lbs
Hair: N/A
Eye: White


“Are you sure these are the ones” whispered Kyton
“Oh these are the ones my friend. Everything we worked for just bagging to be taken ” Kortal replied
“The King is going to have our heads for this, if he knew what you were doing with his troops he wou…”
Kortal held up his hand cutting him off. The night was darker than most, the moon obscured by clouds cast only the smallest traces of light onto the rolling dunes of Sheldra.
“ If we pull this off, will be or own kings” Kortal said with a Smirk of arrogance.
Kortal nodded to his men further down the dunes ridge, Dragonborn were giant in comparison to most humanoids which didn’t lend them much to stealth, but these weren’t just any troops, and he knew that. He watched as several of his men crawled over the ridge of the dune and disappeared into the night. Orcs sat around fires drunk on the violence of the day, having slaughtered a Caravan caring untold amounts of gold and riches from the Elvin Empire, only a poultry few had enough smarts about them to post a guard.
A few moments went by before he watched the closest guard fall to his knees, blood running from the gaping wound in his neck. The Orc body hit the soft sand with almost no noise. He looked to his other side and waved in his main body of troops. By the time the orcs had even realized what was happening, it was too late. They fought to the death like any orc would, but it was a token effort at best. Kortals Dark Talons had already killed anyone who may have been able to organize them in to a cohesive unit. In a matter of minutes the dessert was silent once more.
Kortal approached the first of the caravans, a quick strike from his adimantium axe and the Elvin steel parted with ease. He opened the doors of the armored cart and his smirk grew to a smile. Kryton approached from behind him.
“Is it there?” he asked
“Oh my dear Kyton, it’s here, our whole future is right here”

Present Day:

Kortal T’kar Is a renown fighter and leader of the Storm Raven Clan, He is known for his mastery of almost all weapons and fighting styles. Kortal is unequaled in his tactical acuity on the field, as seen by the many victories against the Orc Hordes of Sheldra. Kortal although often fighting for his Home Land, is no stranger to battlefields all across western Eriond, having fought for many different kings and rulers as a hired mercenary.

Kortal T'kar

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