Narkaus The Fallen


Age: Unknown
Race: Believed to be human
Class: Hell Sworn Paladin
Height: 6’8
Weight: 295 lbs
Hair: unknown
Eye: unknown


The origins of Rhonin The Fallen are unknown to all but, the highest members of The Hand. Believed to once be a Powerful Paladin of the Order of The Mailed fist, Rhonin was corrupted by a powerful Fiend and given great power in return for his service. After The Hand killed the Fiend it was decided that Rhonin would be given the chance to redeem himself. Under the command of Elise Cane, Rhonin carries out the most dangerous of missions.. It is said that he fights in complete silence and, the only sign of his coming is the odder of sulfur that proceeds him. His existence is often debated as no sane person has truly seen him and lived to tell of it

Narkaus The Fallen

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