Vadok Karsk


Race: Human
Class: Pendragon
Age: 25
Height 6’4
Weight: 250
Hair: Black
Eyes: Crimson


Vardok Kursk was a raised in a small village out outside of the mountains. when he was just a boy a great red dragon raided his village, after he burnt the village to ground he noticed a small child still alive among the charred corpses of his family. This interested the dragon that the boy was able to survive and with that he took him back to his lair.

Vardok’s time under the the red dragon who he learned was called T’kell was brutal, he was always fed and never wanted but was driven to the bone made to tend the dragons eggs to ensure they hatched and never came into danger, mistakes were punished harshly. but no matter how angry T’kell got he never killed him, Vardok never understood why.

Vardok was resting in the small room T’kell had given him when he heard noises coming from inside the lair, he ran to see what was going on, he found men raiding the clutch destroying eggs and taking parts and putting them into containers, he rushed in and engaged the men. The years of hard labor in the lair and the fury of T’kell made Vardok strong,he came out of know he was able to easily overpower the men who were not used the heat of the lair and killed them all, surveying the room he noticed one egg still remained. when all of a sudden he heard a loud roar from T’kell’s Chamber. he grabbed the egg and ran for the chamber. as he entered he saw dozens of men dead on the floor and T’kell bloodied and resting. he ran to his masters aid when he arrived at T’kell he saw the egg and said “good they did not get them all and you Vardok… survived the impossible again. you must protect the egg and destroy all that come for it” and with that he whispered something in a language Vardok did not understand and said “take this gift” and with that the last bit of air escaped his body.

Then it hit him and Vardok felt the inside of his body burning and began to scream, the pain was so intense it cause him pass out. As he awoke he heard the sounds of more men coming this way he saw T’kell dead and the egg still beside him, the men ran into the room and Vardok yelled at them and a stream of flame left his mouth engulfing the men kill him them all. Vardok was shocked what had T’kell done to him, knowing more men would be coming for his masters body and the egg he grabbed some armor and items from the dragons horde, and with the egg he fled out a secret passage way that would lead him into the mountains.

Vadok Karsk

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