The World of Eriond

The Provinces of Eriond



The Province of Valna is one of the largest Provinces both in size and population in the entire world of Eriond. Everything from Vast frozen mountain ranges to Sweeping Parries can be found within its borders. It is home to almost all manner of known races however it is predominantly human and Elf. Valna is ruled from its Capital City of  Avaluriand, by King Ohkuris Vost, who has held power for over 30 years.

Cities of Valna

Veskar | Avaluriand | Dreludd | Keld | Imdred | Tyr | Ruaric | Drimwall | Orenth | Mordichal | Seluv | Parvasha | Oris |                                 




The Province of Mierodran is a vast land of dense forest and snow-capped mountains. Home to both the Dwarves and Gnomes, as well as large populations of Woodland Elves. Mierodran is known for its vast mineral riches and master craftsmen. Ruling from his vast mountain Fortress City of Caldorath, King Uelick Ironbeard of the Great Dwarf Clan Stone Forge rules over the people of Mierodran unchallenged. However, recent events have caused the Wood Elves of the Southern Cities of Meirodran to seek alliances with the High Born brethren of Valna.

Cities of Mierodran

                          Tarn | Kathadar | Dwinovar | Caldorath | IgadadHador |                   


The Once Great Province of Sheldra, now a shadow of its former self-sits on the Southern end of Eriond, Once the home of the Mighty Dragonborn Civilization. Sheldra has Been the target of Orc invasion over the past decades. After losing their beloved Capital of Tamir to the Orc Chieftan Ukar the Unscarred. King Avenor Vec'Kar led his armies to what is now a stalemate and, claiming the port City of Lothgar as his new Capital.

Cities of Shelcra

Valicedchia | Pesh | Atamir | Tamir | Lothgar | Ishbar | Tashamar|


Avenon is the Oldest of all the Provinces in Western Eriond. It is unclear who settled these lands first. Some believe it was High Elves Fleeing The destruction of there ancient Eastern Homes while other say it was the Highmen Kings of Legend. Regardless of who it was, Avenon today is nothing short of a melting pot of races from around the world. Cities Reaching to the clouds dot the landscape of Avenon, But for a brave few it is the abundance of ancient ruins that make Avenon an enticing place to call home. Avenon is The only Province to be run by a High Council rather than a King. Currently, Ser Aldrict Benost sits at the Head of the High Council located in Van'idris.  

Cities of Avenon

Van Idris | Van AlisAngalain | Ulid | Radd |

The World of Eriond

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